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Matching the ECigarette To Your Smoking Style Part 2

To ensure lasting battery life you should charge new batteries for 12 hours even if the charger says it’s done charging. To recharge attach the charger for at least 4 hours.

This should last for a full day. Another option is to purchase a car battery charger if you will be traveling or are typically on the road a lot.

E-smokers can choose from a variety of flavors for their smoking/vaping pleasure. The traditional tobacco flavor is available as are menthol, vanilla, chocolate, coffee or an assortment of fruit flavors.

Cartridges of varying levels of nicotine strengths can be purchased equivalent to that of regular flavor tobacco cigarettes as well as light and ultra light strengths. If you’re accustomed to smoking light cigarettes then you should purchase a medium strength nicotine cartridge since the high strength could deliver a much higher dose of nicotine than you are use to. Some e-cigarette users elect to start with the low strength until they get use to that level and move up to the higher dosage if they feel they need to. However, if you’ve been thinking about giving it up altogether the lower strength might just make it possible for you to eventually drop down to zero nicotine content while still being able to enjoy the hand to mouth aspect of smoking/vaping.

This information will hopefully provide you with the knowledge needed to make a well informed choice when you’re shopping for your own electronic cigarette. It might seem to you an expensive investment at the onset but when you take the time to tally up what you normally spend on tobacco cigarettes in as little as a few weeks you’ll easily see it is money well spent. Go for quality and pay close attention to the manufacturers guarantees. This will help you to avoid possible mechanical problems found in some cheaper models.