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E-Cig Substitute for Tobacco

Does the electronic cigarette substitute for tobacco cigarettes? Absolutely! With all the news about the great harm that tobacco cigarettes can do to our bodies, I feel lucky to live in a society where there is now a thriving industry in electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes totally eliminate the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes by eliminating the smoke and tar and all of the approximately 4,000 chemicals that are added by most tobacco cigarette manufacturers. These chemicals are meant to enhance the addictive properties of the cigarette and they, along with the smoke and tar, can wreak havoc on the human body. They cause untold suffering with lung disease, heart disease and other smoking-related illnesses.

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, take from tobacco cigarettes only one ingredient: nicotine. A popular notion is that nicotine is very bad for you. But in reality it is not. See our page on nicotine to learn about the many studies that have discovered positive links between nicotine and various health conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease: nicotine can actually help to prevent this disease. All said, nicotine is a stimulant, quite similar to caffeine. Of course, overdosing on nicotine is obviously not a good idea; it is toxic in large amounts and you could wind up in the ER if you inhaled massive doses of it. But with an electronic cigarette as a substitute for tobacco, you can actually choose your nicotine level so that you know exactly how much you are getting, including cartridges with 0% nicotine (good for pregnant or nursing moms).

Using an electronic cigarette as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes also offers the opportunity to continue with the actions or rituals of smoking that are very important in enjoying a smoke. Holding a cigarette and puffing, for example, are actions that you’re accustomed to and it’s satisfying to continue those comforting parts of your day. A big change, which most people adapt to instantly, is that you no longer have to huddle with other smokers or alone, in the cold outdoors, no matter what the weather is, to enjoy your break. You can smoke inside and it won’t disturb anyone anywhere!

Using an electronic cigarette as a substitute for tobacco is a no-brainer to me. What’s not to like about eliminating all the danger and risk of smoking tobacco but still being able to enjoy a smoke? No wonder millions of people have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes.